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Guys, I Know Why Charlie Quit “Girls”

Everyone was reporting the shocking news that Christopher Abbott, the actor who plays Marnie’s long term ex boyfriend, was leaving HBO’s Girls due to “Creative differences.” This isn’t like Andrew Rannells leave to go star in the show “The New Normal” because as far as I know Abbott doesn’t have any huge project in the works (but maybe he does). What the heck does “creative differences” even mean when you’re in a show starring the writer? Why would he leave so suddenly? No one is really offering the answers. But fear not, I have found it!!!!

In the new Free People promo video titled “Roshambo” Abbott gets to play the cool, hip Brooklyn dude who casually hooks up with hot International models like Sheila Marquez. He’s had a taste of someone way hotter than Alison Williams (Marnie) and he doesn’t want to go back damnit!

“Creative Differences,” it turns out, is really code for, “I’m tired of playing a loser who keeps taking Marnie back even though she’s a bitch high-maintenance and I’m rich now.” At least in my opinion.


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