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Restaurant Review: Westville

Cuisine: Homestyle American, Contemporary Sides, Greens
Address: There are 4 Locations for your eating convenience:
East: 173 Avenue A, New York, NY
                West: 210 W 10th Street, New York, NY
                Chelsea: 246 W 18th Street, New York, NY
                Hudson: 333 Hudson Street, New York, NY

Ah Westville, sweet sweet Westville. You never let me down. Westville is a neighborhood spot. It’s not swanky or glamorous but it’s definitely not lame either. Westville is just no frills, it’s usually for people who live in the neighborhood and want some good, fairly healthy food that tastes like Mom made it, thus the need for the many locations. Westville is less of a destination and more of a comfort.

Don’t get me wrong though. I do actually go out of my way for Westville simply because: 1. I live in Brooklyn and we don’t have one and 2. it is incredibly consistent. The food is always good, the sides rotate depending on the in season greens, and there is never an astronomically long wait. It’s my go to spot if we want to have a good impromptu dinner on a busy weekend night. Westville is not necessarily good for big groups though. Despite multiple locations, each restaurant tends to be on the smaller side, with close seating. This is more of a 4 person or less, casually catch up with your friends, kind of place.

Food Report:
IMG_2981The way Westville works is equivalent to a normal restaurant as in there are appetizers and entree’s and sides, however the “market sides” are the stars of the show. Most of them are vegetable based and take it from someone who doesn’t really love vegetables, these are always killer. 

There are a lot of choices and they change frequently, so ask your waitress or waiter what their favorite is, they are generally helpful.

Grilled marinated chicken breast lemon herb marinated with 2 market sides: This is what’s pictured above. It’s a simple chicken dish but marinated in lemon perfection. A really nice supplement to the sides you get. You should probably get more than 2.

There are also specials every day like almond crusted salmon or lamb dishes. Everything is good but definitely focus on the sides menu. One market side is $6  or you can do the market plate, 4 sides for $15 in place of a meal.

Here is a sample of the market sides, I will comment on those I’ve had:

artichokes hearts w/ parmesan
grilled fennel w/ parmesan: I was once afraid of fennel, but no longer am I afraid.
beets w/ goat cheese [or] walnuts
asian style bok choy: Pretty good, Bok Choy is not my thing though.
sautéed broccoili w/ garlic: delish!
roasted butternut squash: So good! But it’s hard to mess up squash.
cauliflower dijonaise
sautéed cherry tomatoes
french fries
garlic [or] pesto mashed potatoes: These are both AWESOME. Get at least one. I think the   pesto is more novel but I can eat more of the garlic.
soy glazed green beans
green beans w/ almonds: really good
sautéed kale w/ shallots: kale weird me out but if you’re into it, this got good reviews 
mixed mushrooms w/ leeks & herbs: THIS IS BOMB
lemon grilled asparagus w/ parmesan: yummy!
snow peas w/ sesame & ginger
sweet potato fries: thicker sweet potato fries, very good, but not my favorite in the city
soy glazed tofu w/ broccoli & toasted sesame seeds
brussels sprouts w/ honey dijon
green peas w/ shallots & bacon
zucchini w/ cherry tomatoes & mozzarella: very good, like a classy potato salad with no potato. Super interesting.
broccoli rabe w/ cherry tomatoes & parmesan
fried plantains w/ cotija cheese: I don’t love plantains, and I think there are better things to get
primavera penne pasta

So as you can see I pretty much like them all. That’s because they are all good. So just go with your individual tastes and enjoy!


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