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Restaurant Review: Maharlika

Cuisine: Filipino
Address: 111 1st Ave  New York, NY

My cousin and little sister came to visit a few weekends ago. While we were waiting for my sister’s plane, my cousin and I headed to Maharlika in East Village for a quick brunch. We sat at the bar, which was actually a really fun experience. The bar tender was incredibly knowledgable (I feel like he might have possibly been one of the owners) and super passionate about all things Filipino. If you are looking for an interesting experience in a more accessible fashion than going out to Queens, I highly recommend this.

Food Report:


Pampangan: Adding the raw egg to the pan, it cooks as he mixes it! Garlic Rice in the front.

Pampangan-Style Sizzling Sisig with Egg
This is pig ears, snout, cheek, belly (cooked 3 times—boiled, grilled, sautéed), with sibuyas, garlic, lemon. Served on a sizzling plate with garlic rice.
– I went all out for this brunch. This is the traditional choice and wow is it meat packed. All of the meat breakfast dishes seem incredibly filling, both my cousin and I could barely make a dent. This is cool to get once, especially when they break the egg over the sizzling pan. It tastes awesome but it is heavy, I don’t think I could put it into regular rotation.

IMG_5100iLog Breakfast silog = sinangag (garlic rice) + itlog (egg)
served with relish of kamatis, pepino, sibuyas and wansoy with patis dressing
 – Longganisa, sweet, garlicky pork sausage
– Ok longest food title ever. This was good, less meaty than the first but I wasn’t blown away. If you’re getting a meat dish, do it right with the Pampangan and maybe supplement with the new Mango French Toast dish they added to the menu (haven’t had it, but will soon!).


The two sauces, the tall bottle of house made vinegar and an import from the Philippines on the left.

Overall: The garlic rice is delicious, make sure you get summa dat with whatever you order. If you’re really adventurous and trying to get into the local flavor, they have things made with Spam – you are a braver man (woman) than I! There are really awesome sauces, a spicy vinegar and what not. Have your waiter explain them to you because it’s a nice piece of Filipino culture :)


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