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Restaurant Review: Allswell

Cuisine: American, Gastropub
Address: 124 Bedford Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11211

Allswell is a super cute Gastropub in Williamsburg. I love the kitschy wallpaper and the wooden accents. Luckily, the food is also very good. They have a $1 oyster happy hour special, but otherwise, it’s a little pricey for a pub, but the food delivers. They also make the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. The catsup is weird though (I think they put orange zest in it).

Food Report:

Chicken Sandwich: Sometimes this isn’t on the dinner menu but they will still make it for you. It’s only the best chicken sandwich ever made and it’s $13. GET IT WHILE ITS HOT PPL. If you go for happy hour it’s like $14 for a chicken sandwich and Narranganset tall boy. Great deal.

Oysters: And once again I prove to myself that I do not like oysters. But for a dollar…hey, why not. I liked these better than the ones from DBGB Kitchen, so that’s something.


Ricotta with Pepper Bread: This was interesting in a good way. The ricotta is delicious on toasted bread and the peppers are literally baked inside the bread, which is cool.


Steak: A good steak. Cooked perfectly, delicious roasted garlic.


Dessert: An apple pie. This fell short. Least favorite part of the meal, not worth getting.


The nice thing about Allswell is that the menu is often changing – it’s a neighborhood spot despite being located on Bedford Ave. Most importantly, the food is consistently good. Go here if you want good food, little to no wait, and a nice gastropub-esque crowd. They also probably have good beer, though I didn’t dabble.


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