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Restaurant Review: Almayass

Almayass is an Armenian-Lebanese restaurant in Flatiron that I went to with the band Capital Cities per their friend’s recommendation. I’m no expert on Middle Eastern Cuisine (despite my 3 month stay in Turkey), but judging from the Armenian friends of the group, Almayass did it and they did it well! They make incredible traditional dishes, and in the words of Capital Cities’ manager: “It’s so, homemade!”

Cuisine: Armenian – Lebanese, Middle Eastern
Address: 24 E 21st St, Manhattan, NY 10010

 Food Report:

I can’t really give you a food report seeing as I didn’t order anything, I just arrived and they had an amazing spread out. I will try my best to remember the must haves, but basically nothing was bad.


The Starters: Far left is the raw kofte, Fattoush (salad between kofte and pita), Manti in the brown dish in the middle, and hummus.

Manti: Little dumplings with meat inside in a broth served with a yogurt sauce on top. I loved eating Manti in Turkey. This Manti is different (it’s crispier, more fried) but really delicious. Manti is very time consuming and difficult to make, these were made skillfully and tasted great. A must order.

Tabouleh: Most people know what Tabouleh is, it’s a mixture you eat with pita bread. This tabouleh was excellent and had just the right amount of lemon flavor. 

Chicken Kebab: Oh man, this shish was good! The chicken was so juicy!

Raw Kofte: These are meatballs but they are not cooked. I’ve had these in Turkey as well but I don’t remember the proper name. The general consensus was that it was amazing, but I don’t like raw meat so I have less to say on the matter. Try if you’re adventurous though!

left: smaller dessert, ice cream, right: house special

left: smaller dessert, ice cream, right: house special

Desserts: The desserts were amazing. The fluffy thing, it’s apparently the house special, was to die for. This is a must!!! The other smaller dessert was good, but paled in comparison to the house special. The ice creams were super interesting: Mint, Rose, and Coffee. Very good.

Besides the awesome food, the restaurant is really beautiful inside. Super interesting art on the wall and two huge dining rooms, one is more like a lounge while the other constitutes a “fine dining” experience.


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