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How to Spend a Weekday in Williamsburg Like A Local

This week I had two days off of work. I was presented with the, “what do I do if I don’t want to watch Netflix all day” problem. This was what I came up with.

1. If you are reading this you probably don’t live in Williamsburg, thus you’ll have to take the L train to Bedford Ave.

Walter Foods: Chicken and Cinnamon Waffles with hot sauce

Walter Foods: Chicken and Cinnamon Waffles with hot sauce

2. Walk and have a delicious brunch at Walter Foods, 253 Grand St. because there are usually cute guys there, and if you’re a dude, the girls who work there tend to be cute as well.
furniture3.  Walk around the corner to the Antiques Garage on Roebling between Metropolitan and Fillmore Place. Try out the furniture, buy an old book, Instagram it. (I bought the clutch pictured above there).  Ask the Hispanic guy who runs the garage about the vintage car in the front. Maybe it will be the old truck of a famous wrestler that rises off the ground and has a pool in the back like it was today.

4. Go see a movie at the Williamsburg Cinema because on Tuesday and Thursday it’s $7. Not only is that dirt cheap but you can buy your ticket straight from a nifty ticket machine, thus the building not only looks like an airport but functions like one too! Wow!

The Chicken biscuit with honey butter and hot sauce accompanied by hush puppies

Pies N’ Thighs: The Chicken biscuit with honey butter and hot sauce accompanied by hush puppies

5. Walk about two blocks to Pies ‘N’ Thighs at 166 S 4th St. and use your ticket stub from the movie for a free drink. This includes beer people! If you don’t mind getting wildly close to having a heart attack get the Chicken Biscuit pictured above, because lawd is it good. I also highly recommend the banana cream pie and the cheese grits.

6. Now it’s time to run some errands, so walk down Driggs back towards the more hoppin’ part of Bedford Ave. Go into Northside Bakery at 149 N 8th St. where an old man will probably be ordering a crazy amount of bread in Polish. Order the Pumpernickel and Rye loaves, try a free sample, order anything else your heart desires because Northside Bakery is cheap, it’s still got the old Brooklyn prices, and that’s what makes it amazing, besides also tasting good.

7. Since I live closer to the Lorimer stop I would get on the L train (if I’m feeling lazy) for one stop but you can probably just go home at this point because after I just continue buying errand items. If you really feel like trying out the Brooklyn lifestyle, by all means continue following my lead. Go get some loose leaf tea at Porto Rico Importing Co. on Grand from the angry hippie man who works there. Then drop off some laundry at Bonilla Brothers Laundry where you should say hi to Luz, she does all the laundry. After that head to Fortunato Brothers on Devoe for about the closest espresso you can get to really being in Italy and some delicious gelato. Maybe you’ll even see the Mafia. They like the window seats.

I guess you can do most of these things on the weekend too (except the $7 movie!) but it makes for an active day when everyone else is at work!


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