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Wanderlust Wednesday: Vegas baby!

Wanderlust Wednesday: Vegas baby!

I can’t say that my dream vacation is Las Vegas, Nevada, land of lights and vice, but it’s just something that HAS to be done at least once.

Despite having seen most all of the real life places that Vegas cheesily replicates (like Venice, Paris, Asia), there’s something special about seeing the fake reproduction. I used to love Epcot, I’m really imagining this will be similar. Right?

Epcot: Where you can see Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, and most importantly CANADA without ever leaving good old Orlando, Florida. Magical

Still, I’m excited to see Vegas because, well, I heard it’s “fun” and stuff like that. Don’t worry, I’m not just going to have a wild time. I will also be traveling to the Desert, because that’s what Nevada is. It’s a desert. No amount of florescent lights and hookers can make me forget that. So we’re taking a little road trip to the Valley of Death. It might not sound inviting, but it looks pretty nice in pictures:

Death Valley

I’ll report back with real pictures when I return, because let’s be honest: What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It goes online.


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