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And This is Why Ann Arbor Is Obsessed With Itself

I always say that if you have to be from Michigan, you would want to be from Ann Arbor (which luckily, I basically am). Even though this is kind of a backhanded compliment, the longer and longer I live away from Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan, the prouder I am to be from there. Ann Arbor really does have an astounding amount of arts, great restaurants, and cultural activities for a city of its size.

I used to be flattered when people consistently would ask me if I was from LA or NYC, and I tend to get along with natives of both places, but now I find that I have a sort of special bond with other people from the Midwest who have left the Midwest. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as the coasts, and sure, I don’t want to live there right now (otherwise I’d be living in Chicago or at home with mom), but I do like that I grew up there and I liked my growing up experience and I think Ann Arbor is really a special place.

It’s funny how you don’t really appreciate a place until you don’t live there anymore.

P.s. this video is so sappy but if you went to University of Michigan or grew up in Ann Arbor it will certainly well up some nostalgia.


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