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A Wednesday Adventure with Capital Cities When I Thought I Was Just Going To…

Capital Cities live ensemble from Los Angeles, CA

[Videos at the Bottom]

I had very specific plans for Wednesday. The plan was: go home, make food, watch Twin Peaks. None of those things happened because I last minute got a spot to the Capital Cities Secret Show at the Box on the Lower East Side sponsored by their label Capitol Records. The band was passing through New York in between SXSW and Miami.

The Capital Cities show is always high energy with intense 80’s flare. My favorite song, “Good Shit,” literally names things that are “Good shit” including various 80’s favorites like Farrah Fawcett Hair, Back to the Future II etc. (video of this song at the bottom).


The Box stage is usually reserved for a Burlesque show, but Capital Cities made good use of it.

According to Wikipedia, “Their song “Safe and Sound” is currently charted at #8 on the US Alternative Songs chart.”

Foam Release during Safe & Sound! It's all about the effects.

Foam Release during Safe & Sound! It’s all about the effects.

Reunited with my friend Ryan from LA!

Reunited with my friend Ryan from LA after the show

The secret show was pretty awesome because it was filled with free swag, as in free drinks and silly little things like those glasses Ryan is wearing above. After the show we hung out and went for an epic meal at a Lebanese Armenian restaurant with Capital Cities.  You best believe a restaurant review is coming.


Manny, Capital Cities’ bassist plating up some deliciousness!

The restaurant was called Almayass and when the chef came out the whole table was bombarding him with praise. Really, really good food. MMMmm!

Check them out during their secret show:

Good Shit:

Kangaroo Court:


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