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New Rapper Awkwafina Be My Friend. Please.

LISTEN UP WORLD THERE’S A NEW AZEALIA BANKS BUT SHE IS ASIAN. I’m just kidding, she’s nothing like Azealia Banks, Awkwafina is just also a rapper who went to LaGuardia High School and raps about New York City and how she’s better than everyone else because she grew up here.

Despite her commonalities with Banks, she exudes a completely different vibe. It’s not overtly sexual and sassy, it’s goofier and in your face in a more subdued manner. She makes fun of everyone and she is, through her myriad contradictions, making fun of herself. And I like that. I like that sense of humor.

Awkafina is getting some press with her new video in the likes of Gothamist and The Daily Beast but even if you don’t live in New York City you can appreciate her first single which was a parody of Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick,” which is pretty hilarious and also in a way empowering females (through humor?).

Awkwafina’s second video dropped today in which she makes fun of Jay-Z and Barclays, Hipsters, Bushwick, people who get off the Path train, and the fact that everyone thinks all Asians are from Flushing. It’s funny, it’s real, it makes fun of people like me, and I like it.

“I just stole your iPad and now I’m gonna sell it to buy more live chickens” < wait…I love you.

So even though in a sense Awkwafina probably hates me, I love her hating me and I want her to love me in person. Let’s be friends girl. I don’t live in Bushwick, but I live pretty damn close off of the Lorimer stop, and I’m sure you have plenty to say about that. ;)


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