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The New Azealia Banks Will Scare You, but I Have the Cure

So this is frightening:

There’s been quite a buzz about it since it dropped yesterday and according to Fuse this is the first official single off of her upcoming album, “Broke With Expensive Taste.” Of course Perez Hilton hated it, a bunch of other people thought it was pure genius, and some people were too mad about Azealia fighting with Rita Ora to care.

I personally am intrigued by the track/don’t hate it, but it’s definitely missing the catchy, party-quality of her hit “212.” So to help you recover, a lesser known artist out of the UK, Foxes, has released a new demo. It’s calming and slowly addictive. One of her bandmates put together this silly little video of fun moments from their last tour:

She’ll be at SXSW if you happen to be in Austin (which I’m wildly jealous if you are).


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