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Phoenix’s New Music Video is A Korean Drama, No I’m Not Kidding

Korea is blowing up. I want to write a think piece about this phenomenon, PSY, and Korean dramas, then tie it into my childhood. I want to answer questions like why now? How did it start? How will it effect Asians in the media and racism in the United States? But I have no answers! I have no answers! Why is the French band Phoenix making their music video a Korean drama?! I Don’t Know! I don’t know but I love it!

A lot of people are confused about the video in the comments saying they don’t understand or they think it was stupid. This is Phoenix cleverly spoofing Korean dramas. The storyline isn’t supposed to make sense because it’s about sensationalism, it’s about “entertainment” (thus the name of the song). Nothing is more entertaining than a Korean drama. If you’ve ever seen one you know the most ridiculous things happen in them. Every emotion is super-heightened, every montage is more sentimental, every death is epic, and EVERYTHING elicits an emotional response. This music video isn’t telling a story, it’s entertaining you through quick paced visual and audio elements.

Speaking of Phoenix, other famous French band that I love and so does everyone else, Daft Punk, also released a single. It’s kind of repetitive.

Sorry, when is the future Daft Punk? I don’t think you said it enough times.



*** UPDATE! According to my friend Alison this is NOT Daft Punk. I repeat, NOT DAFT PUNK!!! Internet pranksters! I guess it’s actually this:


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