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Washington D.C.: The Neighborhoods


I arrived in our nations great capital around 6pm, and walked over to the Cannon Office Building where all of the House of Representatives work to meet my friend Peter who is now a fancy schmancy Government Employee. There he is above, being fancy in his fancy building on the Hill.

D.C. is a really lovely place. I haven’t been since I was much younger – I have seen all the monuments and I witnessed my first professional Ballet show there. This trip was monument-less, I was there to actually see what it was like to live, work, and even grow up in D.C. I went to historical areas like Cardozo, let my friends cart me around to various bars they imagined I would like, and most importantly, I ate. I ate a lot.

I was generally unimpressed with the more expensive restaurants in D.C. I went to. While they were certainly sufficient, satisfactory even, they were far too overpriced for something that New York City just does better. Sorry. (I’ll go into more detail in the actual restaurant breakdown). The true crowned jewels of the trip were the hole in the wall, divey establishments, namely Ben’s Chili Bowl and Oohs and Aahs. 

View from the roof of Brian's apt, complete with the Capital's dome in the foggy distance

View from the roof of Brian’s apt, complete with the Capital’s dome in the foggy distance

Thanks to the accommodations of 3 of my most lovely friends I saw many sides of D.C. living: Brian and Greg live in the penthouse of “luxury apartments” in D.C.’s Chinatown, Peter in a beautiful old house in Woodly Park, and Abbey and Matt live near Union Station in a little one bedroom brownstone. Needless to say, ALL options were bigger than most flats here in New York (no surprise there though!).


Brian’s Hotel like residence


The Chinatown Gates with my friend Seth. This was Brian's metrostop

The Chinatown Gates with my friend Seth. This was Brian’s metrostop

I was completely in love with Peter’s area and house. Woodly Park is the stop after DuPont circle, which is where my friends all concur I would live if I resided in the District. Peter’s house was gorgeous and old, with interesting architecture and big spacious rooms (and closets!!). I love all of the colonial and European influenced design D.C. still has pretty ubiquitously.


Peter's House

Peter’s House


The living room filled with old things. The house had a lot of political paraphernalia as well as a big picture of Bobby Kennedy.


This is Cody, their landlord’s, rocking chair. Just a casual EXACT replica of JFK’s chair!


There’s big park right by the house. We saw the President’s helicopters as we were walking over!

It really is true that everyone in D.C. is thinking about politics all the time. I don’t think I could handle that kind of environment long term, but it certainly was fascinating. On Saturday Brian let me host a pregame in his apartment. Having gone to a very liberal school, Brian is the sole Republican of our friend group. Since I think people are interesting I told him to invite some of his friends. He called his friend saying “Hey I’m having some people over, the only thing is…they’re all Democrats.” The sheer fact that this needed to be said is absolutely hilarious to me. In New York, and probably everywhere else in the world, never has a party been prefaced with everyones political stance. Oh D.C.  you silly place!


On the walk to DuPont Circle

Eating adventures to come!


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