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K-Pop is Ridiculous in the Best Possible Way

So you know Zedd? Maybe you don’t know Zedd. He’s an electronic artist. He has some really good songs. One that is famous is called ‘Spectrum.’

Anyways, if you don’t know Zedd, maybe you have heard of K-pop, which thanks to PSY  (the Gangnam Style Guy), is getting a lot more attention here in the States. I’m really down with K-Pop. Like, I enjoy it and I enjoy their outrageously big groups where everyone only gets to sing one line and their manufactured choreography and their wild hair. I’m down with it. I am. I wouldn’t call it talent but I would definitely call it….something. It’s definitely something.

SO, when my friend (who is white for the record, and obsessed with K-pop) told me she found a K-pop version of ‘Spectrum’ the above song I didn’t even believe it. I mean Michael Jackson remakes are to be expected, maybe even ABBA, but only-kind-of-famous Zedd remakes? What?

So, hopefully you’ve watched the above video to get a sense of the original, and now feast your eyes on Korea’s version:

Apparently I can’t embed it :(  So click the link <—–

Yeah. K-pop is ridiculous, but in a good way.


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