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Brooklyn: A Wonderland of Crime

Brooklyn: A Wonderland of Crime

What? Just….what?

Brokelyn reported about this map today, declaring: “if you want to see how murdery authentic your new neighborhood is or if you’re just bored at work, good news: there’s a new time-wasting map out there for you.”

Thank you. I did indeed waste a lot of time looking at this map and I found out that my neighborhood isn’t particularly murdery, I mean authentic, but instead that one neighborhood nearby contains a crazy, drunken, naked person who assault their own mother with a curtain rod. I think this map, which will naturally perpetuate fear of crime and assault, has just created a whole new set of things for me to stew over as I walk home alone at night. Namely, when is this psychotic lady going to get sick of beating up her own mother and start looking for unassuming hipster girls? HALP!

If this kind of stuff is happening inside of people’s homes, then nowhere is safe really, now is it?


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