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Stop Saying These Things to Asians

As an Asian-American (ok…half) I’ve heard pretty much all of these things said. I always laugh when I get the “Are you from North or South Korea?” Honestly people, if I was from North Korea do you really think I would 1. exist (with a white dad), 2. Be able to leave the country?

People think that racism against Asians is minimal or that because I’m well assimilated into the white world that I don’t encounter it, but this is a good example of the fact that my own friends make racist remarks to me all the time. My way of coping with this is to make fun of my own “asian-ness.”

But the one comment that always pisses me off the most is, “You’re Asian AND a woman, there’s no way in hell I’d let you near my car.” LISTEN PEOPLE I’m a freaking amazing driver. I have driven over 15 hours a week since the age of 18 commuting 40 minutes to my job for Red Bull and then getting into a Mini Cooper with a giant Red Bull can on the back and driving around some more. THAT TINY CAR IS NOT SO EASY TO OPERATE IN THE SNOW, BUT I AM A CHAMPION AND HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT IN MY LIFE. SUCK ON THAT RACIST, CHAUVINIST A-HOLES.

Ok, rant over.

Anyways, this is a bigger deal than people just obtusely insulting my driving ability. So if you do this, if you call your asian friend a geisha out of love, or think it’s ok to say racist things because they make jokes about themselves being asian, know that it’s not cool, bro. Usually when people are self-deprecating it’s because they’re self conscious about that issue and use it as a way to fit in.



  1. you are hysterical..believe me its more that you are a woman that people say you aren’t a good driver…i hear that all the time…F#$% them all..haha Guess who has had the accident claims on our insurance? yep you guessed it..my husband…haha But knock on wood—we are doing great now for over 5 years or more..lol

      • Being a woman that worked with women for 30 plus years ( I am a registered nurse)–I would say we have our pluses for the most part..haha But let me tell you there are some bitches out there too. maybe that is why we run things so well…..hum…

  2. Rightttttt, even if they make little jokes like that, that will usually just annoy the shit out of you they don’t understand that they are actually saying something that hits home a little. We can’t be that person who says “hey guys I really don’t like it when you make asian jokes, because you know i’m half asian and that hurts. Also i’m a whiny bitch”. It would make for an awkward encounter indeed. Basically what I’m saying is that It’s really great when that friend makes that awesome comment about how the camera asked if you blinked, but wait you’re just asian. You pretend to laugh once and watch as everyone stupidly enjoys that grade f joke while thinking “wow so funny chad, please pursue a career in stand up”.

    Chad you order out asian food all the time so you’re welcome for that

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