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Why You Should Go to Any Yelp Event In Any City

Yelp Holiday Hangover!

I have a lot of backtracking to do as far as reporting events I’ve been going to but this one just happened so I’ll start here and work backwards!

Yelp Holiday Hangover. What this basically is, is an epic 3 hour cruise with free food, an open bar, weird entertainment, and great views on a boat. If you ever, EVER have the chance to go to a Yelp event, by golly go. It was awesome, rad, amazing, wonderful, cool, and most importantly FREE.


With the likes of Dino BBQ, Pounds and Ounces, Pie Face, Meatball Obsession and a plethora of other delicious restaurants, I was one full little girl.


that Dino BBQ. MMM I can't even tell you.

that Dino BBQ. MMM I can’t even tell you. Left to right: Sticky’s salted caramel chicken finger poppers, empanada, meatball in sauce, Dino BBQ pulled pork sandwich, hummus and pita


My roommate’s friend Marshall and I went together (because my roommate got sick and couldn’t come anymore), so it was fun being on a boat for 3 hours with someone you don’t know that well (assuming they are good company, which Marshall is).

Unfortunately, not everything was a hit. This new place is attempting to make all these bacon sweets…well nice try, I dig your concept, but better luck next time.

These were all made of bacon!

These were all made of bacon!


Luckily, when you’re tired of eating, you can drink free Absolute Vodka or beer from the Heartland Brewery and dance in the three story club area. Nothing is funnier than seeing a bunch of random people wasted from an open bar dance up on each other. I didn’t participate I’m sad (but probably happy) to say!


When you’re sufficiently sauced, you can go out onto the deck and gaze at the Statue of Liberty. A safety hazard? Quite Possibly. A good time? Most definitely.

IMG_4378 IMG_4371 IMG_4370

By the end, you are definitely ready to get off the boat. But I have to say the event was really well done. Very cool, very free. A smashing experience over all.


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