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Wanderlust Wednesday: Sponsored by Yelp

Wanderlust Wednesday: Sponsored by Yelp

Sorry I’ve been bad at keeping up with this new installment. The new year has brought many changes and I’ve been spending way more time vintage furniture shopping than probably anything else (I just moved).

I was lucky enough to get a spot on the Yelp Holiday Hangover cruise, which was essentially a giant yacht with free food, an open bar, and awesome views of the city/Statue of Liberty etc (pictures to come later).

I ended up going with a friend of a friend (it’s hard to get a confirmation on those free tickets so I was thrilled to be going with someone at all) and he told me stories about South East Asia and his travels. I’ve always wanted to go there, so I guess I will just declare my desire right now.


I, in return, wooed him with a hate rant about how London is too similar to New York, almost started one on Paris for different reasons, but then rescinded some statements to keep the peace since he’s never been to Europe and it would be terrible of me to kill his romanticized view. Overall we had a fun time, cultivated a new friendship, and the food was killer.

In addition to vintage furniture shopping I basically just eat out, so maybe this will turn into a seudo food blog. Hopefully no one will be upset.


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