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Hipster Children Mime Adult Life in the Cutest Way Possible

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have been fairly quiet since their massive success with their song “Home.” Sure Alexander came out with some solo stuff, and they’ve been touring, but single wise it’s been a little slow.

Enter “That’s What’s Up” aka the cutest music video of all time. I would try to critique the song but I’m literally too busy watching the cute children to even hear the music.

I saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros perform at the Escape to NY festival in Southampton, which led to a whole series of events including us going to a terrible club called “Dune” where the Kardashians hang out and trying to stay awake for the whole night in order to catch the Jitney back to Manhattan, but that is a tale for another time. I can’t really waste time talking about that whole ordeal because all I can think about is finding that little curly-haired boy and adopting him.

So what is it about children acting like adults that is SO adorable? Well I imagine that as adults we like to see the things we do in everyday life acted out by creatures that are so innocent and have no context or reason for the actions they are miming. I’m no psychologist, but whatever the reason is I know that I love it. I loved the adult conversation from the main characters in “Moonrise Kingdom,” and I love it in this music video.

Secondly, I most likely love this because these little children are most definitely miming a young hipster/yuppie couple, probably located in Brooklyn, Austin, Portland etc. The house party scene is hilarious. From the “I just got back from Prague…it’s OK,” to the role play of the stereotypical: “He’s just never spontaneous anymore” line juxtaposed with the boys from the office drinking beers, the dialogue is perfect.

That’s a hipster love story done well my friends. Also I guess the song is good too (probably).


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