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Wanderlust Wednesday

Every time it’s Wednesday, I wish it was Friday. I also wish I was traveling in which case I wouldn’t really care what day of the week it was. In honor of this sentiment I’m going to try to start doing Wanderlust Wednesday, a day where I tell everyone where I want to go, but simply can’t right now (BUT I WILL….hopefully).

We’ll start off small. I’m moving to Brooklyn soon. I was looking at Craigslist for free things. I found this posting:

“I will give a FREE ONE WAY TICKET from NYC to Denver on Jan 9th 2013-I have two cats and I am going from NYC to Denver but the airline only permits 1 cat per person-thus I need another person to carry my other cat–this is a real ad and NOT A JOKE –If you are interested please call me”

First I laughed. Then I tweeted about it. Then my friend Will who just moved to Denver told me to come visit him with crazy cat lady. It was then that I realized how stupid it was that I had never been to Colorado.

Colorado is a totally rad place bro. At least I’m pretty sure based on interactions with people from there, movies, and pictures of mountains. So For this Wanderlust Wednesday I WANT TO GO TO DENVER (and other areas in Colorado).

I guess this isn’t really that exotic or hard to get to. But it’s all about time people, finding the time!! Plus, have you ever seen a city like this? Mountains in the back, temperate deciduous greens in front!?



    • Nah, I’m allergic to cats. Plus what if she murders me or something…you never know with the crazies hahah But best of luck to her and her feline transportation problem!

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