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San Francisco: Beatniks and Asians

Chinatown. Somehow Chinatown haunts me

Chinatown. Somehow Chinatown haunts me

There are really three explanations for a common occurrence in my life and I’ve come to believe that it must be due to one of them, which one I simply do not know. That is, either Chinatown is haunting me, art districts are haunting me, or Chinatown and art districts are always next to one another!

1. In Milan I was randomly placed in what I must say was one of the best apartments I will probably ever live in, conveniently sandwiched between Brera (the art district) and Italo-Chinatown (yes that exists). It was also by the notorious club called “The Club” but that is unimportant to my point.

2. I moved to New York City directly after, in which I was randomly placed in an apartment penthouse (I think the housing gods love me) conveniently located near the Chinatown/Soho border.

Which brings me to point number 3, which is that my favorite part of San Francisco was probably the area right by Chinatown that harbors all of the Beatnik culture and literary history of yesteryear.


The famous San Fran building that neither I nor my friend whom I was visiting knows the name of and City Lights Bookstore. Quintessential.



casual former patrons

casual former patrons

City Lights Book Store perusing

Just catching up with my boy Rustin Bayard

The literal physical walkway between Chinatown and the “Beatnik” portion of North Beach is called Jack Kerouac Alleyway. It has an adorable “literary walkway.” I apologize for the overkill use of quotations by the way.


Our new friend Taco. What a cutie!

Surrounded by Kerouac’s words with our new friend Taco. What a cutie!


On to some Food Trucks, because what would a visit to San Francisco be if you neglected the Mobile Eating scene. We even got some free Edamame to go with our Onigiri. (insert thumbs up emoji here)


I think this is the end of my San Francisco chronicles (finally!). I’ll have to end with a picture of the water, which is truly the most beautiful part of San Francisco. I always forget I’m on an Island here in NYC because our water doesn’t look anything like other reputable bodies of water… Don’t get me wrong, there’s no other place in the USA for me! (so far…)



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