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On Being Asian (and aging)

Being Asian (and aging)

My friend from Shanghai is visiting in NYC right now. He’s not actually Chinese but grew up there his whole life. He’s here on business to promote his new clothing brand. While we were at the Brooklyn Bazaar, he introduced me to his friend from the International School in Shanghai who is half Asian and half German. She showed me this picture. We laughed.

To half way continue in the academic vein, being of mixed race, specifically Asian descent, I’ve written a lot about identity. It’s a tricky thing, as all socially constructed things are, and my identity is not fully developed as there isn’t really a pre-molded one I can easily fall into.

Due to this uneasy union between society and perception, I can’t deny that I pick and choose what I identify with. Having lived in Chinatown in NYC, this picture is hilarious. At the same time, it’s a bit hypocritical to think that it doesn’t apply to me or my family. “My Grandma is still hot,” I immediately think.

Ironic, racist, maybe both? Either way this is pretty funny and pretty accurate. Where I fit in, I guess we’ll have to wait until I’m 120 years old.


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