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The Friends You Make Abroad and What to Write Them

Whenever you travel as a young person it’s pretty inevitable you’re going to meet people. Some you will dislike, but most of them you will usually end up relating to incredibly well over the unbreakable bond that is: “we only spent one day together (or possibly one night) but I’ll never forget you because it was so exemplary of international love/building bridges over cultural barriers/just wanting to party really hard because we both have zero responsibility and whatever country you’re in is your oyster.”

This quick bonding process is heightened even more when you’re traveling alone and/or  you’re in a less tourist friendly city.

I think about friends from my travels not just in other countries but in the U.S. as well every now and then. It’s hard to stay in touch because you were never the kind of friends that talked everyday. In fact, I don’t talk to a single soul on this earth every day, not even my dear old mum. However, the fact remains that though I do think about them and I don’t want to lose touch, I’ll probably never do much to act on it. We don’t have things to talk about besides general life updates. If you asked how often I talked to my friends abroad or even liked things they put on Facebook it would be seldom to never.

Today I messaged one of my friends from Poland that I met in Sofia, Bulgaria, Darek. Even though, looking at my inbox, I realized that I had many recent (albeit short) conversations with other friends from Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ecuador etc., none of them have ever been so sentimental with me as Darek and Adam were from the moment they got on the bus watching me cross the street to an ATM.

I messaged Darek to tell him that I work with a guy from Poland who is the graphic designer at the company and that it makes me miss Adam and himself. Even though English is his second (maybe third) language, Darek messaged back with what I consider to be the perfect answer:

“Perfectly …you’re with us :):)
it’s really nice to read that you still remember and sometimes think about us.
I just had a skype conversation with Adam. there’s a chance that we might will visit you in the second half of 2013. it’s to early to talk about this, because we don’t even know how many vacation days will have next year and other stuff… but cross your fingers… we’ll let you know if we will decide on this trip :):)
Wish you luck in new job!
ciao ragazza!”

That’s what every friend you ever made traveling wants to hear: that you still remember and think about them sometimes. You don’t have to talk every day or even every month. You don’t have to like every picture they post. Just reminding them that you still think about them creates such a nice feeling for both parties.

This was such a sappy post, but it truly is crazy how the cyber world can keep people who have only met once so close together! So to diffuse, here’s a nice picture of Adam, Darek and I!

A Polish Sandwich! I wanted to be the American cheese as opposed to the American Ham but Darek firmly said "NO, cheese position is strictly reserved for Swiss or Dutch people."

A Polish Sandwich! I wanted to be the American cheese as opposed to the American Ham but Darek firmly said “NO, cheese position is strictly reserved for Swiss or Dutch people.”



    • Thank you! After living for extended periods of time abroad (which I see you’re doing in Alberta, I’ve never been there despite growing up pretty close to Canada) I’ve met so many people and it’s incredibly hard to stay in touch, but they’re all so lovely. Are you doing any U.S. travel?

      • I definitely know what you mean but I think it is incredibly important to stay in touch so I’m making an insane amount on effort to do just that. I am definitely doing some travel to The States since I’m so close now I’d be very silly not to, I can’t wait!

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