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Happy Belated Thanksgiving from Wendy Williams and I

Happy Belated Thanksgiving ya’ll!

I stayed in NYC over the holidays and it was quite nice. The city quieted down considerably when everyone went home to the burbs and elsewhere.

Naturally I love Thanksgiving because it’s all about eating.

I was also on the Wendy Williams show with my friend Jordan. They interviewed us in Unions Square a couple months ago. I wasn’t looking my cutest but hey, who ever looks good on tv? (sarcasm).

They asked me: What Celebrity are you thankful for?
I replied: “Joan Rivers, because she’s the only old woman who can talk about sex without making me want to throw up’
The in-studio audience laughed, success I’m funny!!!

Since my family doesn’t live in New York I spent my Thanksgiving on the Upper West side with my good friend Evan who is born and raised in Manhattan. I love his family so we had a lovely time, great food, and a lot of wine.

Evan eating up :)

The food was so good we all wanted pictures

Evan’s sister, me, Ev

take 2!

at a bar in tribeca later that night after much wine hahaha

The night before Thanksgiving I went to New Jersey to have dinner with my friend Vicki’s family. She now lives in Los Angeles and I missed her a lot so when she came home for Thanksgiving I had to go see her!

Vicki is Taiwanese and she was craving “Hot Pot” which she likes to have when it’s cold. Since it’s still warm in LA she demanded to have it back in Jersey! haha



It was my first time, so you can imagine how crazy this was. Boiling broth with fish, shrimp with the heads on, tofu, mushrooms, and meat inside. DELISH!

I’ll finish up San Francisco soon!


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