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Harlan and Party Club: Ear Candy for that Feel Good Feeling

While Harlan hails from LA and Party Club is distinctly UK both leave you with that happy elated feeling.

Harlan is a rising artist that I used to work with at A-Side Worldwide. He’s a favorite among my friends and I (especially his old single ‘ Emily’ which you will probably never hear unless you email me and ask for the MP3 because it has somehow been removed from the Internet and therefore existence) and his new single ‘American’ is addicting. I literally want to listen to it over and over again. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! It’s not just a catchy hook, Harlan is making some well thought out critiques of our current generation as young Americans – good and bad:

“We care about the new not the yesterday,
we all want to be heard for a moment,
we know it’s alright to act this way…

I’m American,
the good Samaritan,
I’m American,
won’t you let me in,
what you waiting for,
there is always more,
you just have to take me home”

You can grab American for free off here!

or just listen.


Party Club on the other hand feels a bit like the Kooks and the Strokes had a baby that just wants to dance at Indie raves. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially because it’s catchy enough that I just want to dance to their song ‘Those Girls’ wearing fake non-prescription Hipster glasses and a fur coat at an Indie Rave in London. Let’s make it happen people.


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