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Motown The Musical: Yes Like on Broadway

I am literally unfathomably excited for this! Motown is one of my favorite things. I wrote a 10 page paper about Motown and Civil Rights senior year. It is such an infectious and wonderful form of sound. Naturally when I saw there was a musical coming out I freaked.

Since I’ve worked in the music industry I don’t fan-girl out very often, but you say Stevie Wonder and I will probably shriek like a little girl and my eyes will bulge further out of my head than they already do (my little sister met him at the Detroit Airport once, my jealousy goes on for days). Motown stars are LEGENDS. Not to mention, now is where I shamelessly make a plug for the Motown Museum in Detroit, the Motown Museum is literally the happiest place on earth (sorry Disney). Let’s see how many times I can use the word literally in regards to Motown. It happens when I’m excited.

Here are some pictorials of my visit to Hitsville USA with my bff from NYU Alison who worked at Heavyroc with me. No pics inside unfortunately.

such happiness


We had many other great times in Detroit, I’ll have to do a throwback post on that trip. AND DON’T WORRY (because I know you all are!) I haven’t forgotten about San Francisco, things have just been busy in NYC of late.


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