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Atlanta: Downtown, Around Town, & Martin Luther King

Jack and Coke Slushie at Victory, it was delicious!

Walking to Cabbagetown

I found the Jesus Bus!

The quirky houses in Cabbagetown!

Downtown Atl!

Mac Daddy Totchos. Like Nachos, but tater tots… only in the south

Church, the best bar ever

Brother Dick, the bar tender, singing happy birthday to me on the awesome 50’s microphone

My friend Olivia, she’s been down in Atlanta working for Cartoon Network

I need to steal this chair and put it in my house.

Sister Louisa’s Choir Robes

Sun In My Belly for Brunch, such cute decor!

French Toast, and amazing biscuits

Such a cute southern house in Decatur

awesome record store

Big Fat Korean Dinner

Martin Luther King Heritage Site was awesome. Outside his childhood church

Inside Ebenezer. Sitting there with MLK’s speech blasting was such a cool feeling. Probably the closest to being in his presence you can come.

MLK and Coretta’s tomb

I love this mural!

Taking a tour of MLK’s house!

Some awesome activists

Atlanta was a great time! Great to see my family and to discover some Southern culture. The most difficult thing was to pack for the warm weather in ATL and head straight to windy San Fran!


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