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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Atlanta

Sorry I’ve been terribly neglectful. Since my last post I’ve traveled to Atlanta, San Francisco and moved back to NYC. It’s been a crazy few weeks!

off to the airport

rainy for the takeoff

Atlanta was an interesting fusion of family heritage time and exploring the Southern culture. Since my uncle moved there, and my grandma and I have the same birthday, we took the opportunity to have something of a family reunion.

grandma’s famous dumplings

In between my Korean family outings (aka spending 3 hours at H-Mart, the Korean Grocery story) I followed a list my dear friend sent me of things to do in Atlanta. He went to Emory University in Atlanta and is quite the enthusiast. He wrote:

If you go to these places you’ll be a happy camper…

Atlanta isn’t a huge tourist town so I really don’t have tourist recommendations minus this place in Buckhead:

Speaking of, lets break down the ATL’s neighborhoods

Little 5 Points: hippy central. about 10 minutes west of Emory. This is where people walk around with flowers in their hair. But it also has a couple good stores, including a fabulous record shop

Inman Park: a little further down the road from Little 5 Points. This is a trendy spot in the ATL. It’s kinda hipster, kinda yuppy, and kinda awesome. This area sits next to a huge park and an industrial area that is in the process of being torn down. Some of the best restaurants in the city are. Get a jack and coke slushie at victory have some tapas and a great atmosphere at Barcelona

Virginia Highlands-one of the finest neighborhoods in the United States. It starts about a 1.2 miles from Emory’s campus (i ran it all the time) and it’s great collection of shops and stores seperated by about two blocks each (you’ll understand when you go). for bbq, DBA is incredible cornbread is amazing. you go a little further down and you hit the bar scene a bit. plus more restaurants, including murphys an atlanta institution (have to go). for the bar scene hand in hand has a great patio and you can prolly meet cool people there it also shares space with neighbors which also has a patio but i would say has a more “lets get fucked up!” vibe. there’s also dark horse, which plays our type of music upstairs

WARNING: i’ve been to these places and other bars in the highlands during the week, and its not really popping. atl isn’t like nyc or maybe even chicago in that you can always go out. you can always find a good restaurant popping but when it comes to getting dman, its a little mroe difficult during the week

Cabbagetown: the most bohemian part of atl. it lookskinda like New Orleans in the sense that some of the houses are all different colors a-la the french quarter. one of my favorite resturants is in the hipster area Carrol Street Cafe. great spot for lunch. they make a mean bloody mary.

Buckhead: the frattiest scene in the city, also the most southern. This is where you can see the real south, tall blonds, bros wearing button downs and polo only. plus people get super fucked up. i will tell you now, this is a requirmenet to goto. its a lot of fun if you’re with a good crew. five paces inn is my favorite spot, its incredible another good spot is east andrews tavern, started by some old real world cast member there’s like 5 different types of bars in this place and its a good place to meet people. havana club is also near the buckhead bar area, and its the best club in the city just for music (ive played here)

Candler Park: this area is close to Emory and is just a corner where clifton road and another street meet. yet, its got two of the best spots in the atl. 1 is dr. bombays coffee shop, the most unique coffee shop ive ever been too (you have to go youll love it) It also has a Flying Biscuit outpost, an Atlanta staple and a must for breakfeast, brunch, or lunch

Coolest Bar- Sister Louisa’s Church also in a very hipster area. lady Gaga goes here when shes in the atl. the dceor of this place is all like random jesus or christanity pictures and they make good cocktails. also near the sound table, good club joint

Big Atlanta tip-don’t go anywhere far between 4:00-6:00 traffic will fuck you.

Atlanta tip 2-atlanta is huge brunch town. plan accordingly.

Atlanta tip 3-Maggies this is emory’s entire social scene. its a bar in a strip mall that lets everyone in. Don’t believe me? go. seriously go. meet someone and say you know me and watch what happens

There you have it. Everything you ever needed to know about Atlanta. Check back for my next post and see where I actually made it!


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