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How to go to Rome and Not See A Single Tourist Attraction

I’ve been to Rome once before and embarked on a whirlwind tour of all of its finest historical and cultural accolades. Though it was amazing, it left me feeling like there was something left to be desired. So on my 5 day trip to Rome, Budapest, and Sofia, this trip was all about feeling out the cities. I didn’t see the tourist attractions or a single museum. Instead, I met the best people and saw the most interesting things.

I suppose I will do these in installment by city.
Rome was a short but sweet stop.

I arrived in the evening and met a nice girl from Florida who was teaching English in Madrid and an Australian girl that was living in Dusseldorf. They invited me on a bar crawl but in the spirit of avoiding the normal options of entertainment, I went to meet Dani and Nick for a late dinner at Clemente Alla Maddalena.

The night was a crazy one, all too reminiscent of my nights living in Milano and distinctly different from the feeling of going out in Firenze.

We ended up at a place behind the Colosseum. Dani and I sweet talked our way into the VIP and then the DJ booth on the pretense that we needed to help the DJ learn what good music is; then we of course proceeded to say incriminating things to everyone around us and make them mad, Dani in English and I in broken Italian. We met some darling people though, from a Swedish girl, the man in the red pants that we both invited to stay with us in the U.S. but don’t know his name, and my new friend Matteo.

We found our way back to the First Luxury Art Hotel where I ordered room service in bad Italian with the man on the other line replying to everything I said in perfect English, yet I persisted onward! After a deep debate with the delivery boy about the meaning of a scone, I must have taken this picture of the view by night.

Roma by day and night

Good morning Sunshine! The hotel obviously was sprinkled with modern art. It also had iPads in the elevator.

Once on my second cup of coffee for the day (partly because I’m addicted to Italian coffee and partly because we didn’t sleep) we finally realized that we weren’t going to be productive with the day in any way, shape or form. So we did what any real Italian would do:

Drink more wine! On a patio.

One of the most unexpected but amazing parts of the trip was the cab ride from the hotel to the airport. The cab driver took such a beautiful route. We passed the Forum, and out of the city on narrow roads with ivy covered walls and and gorgeous greenery. It was so breathtaking that Dani and I were silent for almost the entire cab ride and no pictures were taken. We’re living in the moment man!


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  1. Sounds like the perfect trip to Rome! When we went to Rome we did a tour of the city in a day…we fondly refer to it now as our “Running Tour of Rome.” I’d love to go back with the same goals you have here. Great pictures too!

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