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What Happens When You Only Have 2 TV Channels In English

I only get two TV channels in English in my room here in Turkey. This includes Fox Crime (yeah I didn’t know it existed either) and The Style Network. I never watched much Style Network before my arrival, just the occasional episode of old school “How Do I Look.” From my very short new schedule consisting of watching every Style Network show there is I have developed some new musings:

1. I have a massive girl crush on Jeannie Mai

2. Clare Mukherjee is exactly how I imagine Georgia from the Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging books would be if she were a real person and grew up to be a fashion expert

3. Why don’t more reality shows take place in Boston? Katie Boyd is such a character!

4. Amanda from “the Amandas” cries in every episode… STOP CRYING YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT HARD. In the words of Amanda’s personal assistant: “You might not think it, but there’s a lot of crying in organizing..”

5. The new show Chicagolicious is in no way going to be good…

6. You know you watch, secretly enjoy, and tweet about your no longer so secret enjoyment of Jerseylicious way too much when this happens:


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