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Why You Shouldn’t Break Up In Public, Ever.

Comedian Janey Godley live tweeted a couple breaking up on a train in Scotland. Now, I’m not one who thrives on drama but dear god this is funny! There are so many unexpected twists! It’s almost too crazy to be real life! It seems scripted right down to the very last details that make it actually authentic! I mean there’s even a picture!

Read the Original Storify Rendition

It seems this very public documentation of someone’s semi-private life is getting one of two reactions:

2. “How terrible, they must be mortified, I know I would be”

I certainly agree with number 1 and I empathize with number 2, but I’m sorry if you do the things that so called “Freya” is doing to Tim, that loudly and in a public place, you clearly have little shame already in addition to lacking some common sense. Pure comedic gold!

The Huffington Post ran a story on Godley’s tweets and how no one is safe from the clutches of the Internet and impending eternal shame. The comments section of the article contains some entertainment of its own. It also aptly sums up how I feel about the situation: a little guilty for liking it, but in the end, really liking it.

Well said Mohammed! I sort of feel bad for Freya, but she is making girls everywhere look like psycho girlfriends I thought only existed in movies. So Tim, GO TO ROME, REUNITE YOUR BAND, AND RELIVE THE BIG BAD 90’s!  Speaking of which, I am finally done booking my ticket to Rome, Italy; Budapest, Hungry; and Sofia, Bulgaria in August. Maybe I’ll run into Tia. Stoked ya’ll.


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