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Ellie Goulding’s New Music Video Showcases How To Look Like Skrillex

Only Ellie Goulding can take a song, cover it, release it, and create as much buzz as if it were an original single. Sure there are other artists out there with successful covers, but Ellie just keeps releasing awesome cover after awesome cover, especially in her early days: there was her cover of “Our Song,” which was more successful in the UK than the States but still good; “Heartbeats,” a cover of the Knife; and “Black and Gold,” originally by Sam Sparro. Her voice is so unique and haunting that it instantly turns things that were once good into something different that is still good, a.k.a. not trite. The old doesn’t lose value in light of Ellie’s rendition, but her version is not overshadowed by the original.

She’s done it again, her cover of Active Child’s “Hanging On” is gorgeous. The video is nice as well, although she’s not quite looking as…glamorous as usual. Lolz to Ellie’s half shaved head. Even though I secretly think girls with half shaved heads are bad ass and really cool, she can’t quite pull it off due to the fact that she is dating Skrillex. There are already a million emo chicks that look like Skrillex, why the hell are you trying to look like the dude you’re dating? Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I’m the only one who see the resemblance… Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

Don’t get me wrong, date who you want, but couples who look like each other are awkward. I understand he has other accolades: he was on the cover of Billboard, won a Grammy, and will now be sharing his dubstep tracks that all sound the same with the 2-10 years old age group as he is set to score an upcoming Disney movie. That shall be interesting no doubt. I can live with their matching hair cut, but if Ellie starts wearing all black and dyes her hair too we might have a problem.

Anyways, it seems like everyone is less pissed about Ellie’s hair and pretty irate that Tinie Tempah is on the track and I’d have to agree with them. It doesn’t really sound good, it kind of ruined the song. It seems out of place. The cover is so ambient and haunting and then all of a sudden there’s this harsh, angry British voice yelling really, really stupid lyrics at you. “She took my heart, I took some Gaviscon.” Is that really the best thing you could think of? What a romantic. After a few listens however, I didn’t mind his part as much. It’s less abrasive when you know what’s coming. Unfortunately, the lyrics obviously don’t change so I still have to cast my ballot for its removal. What do you think? Tinie Tempah: yay or nay?


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