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Ryan McGinley is a God of All Things Visual

The Smith Westerns back in their 2010 days

I thought I would kick things off with a video I quite like, so much so that the URL is my “website” on my Twitter profile as we speak. It may, however, soon be replaced by this very blog’s URL so I would like to document it’s level of likeability right away. The video is a little piece from Ryan McGinley at Pitchfork Festival in Chicago featuring the bands Girls and Smith Westerns. It’s not new, it was made in 2010 (when Girls and Smith Westerns were all the rage with the hipsters), but it so beautifully captures the special bond between audience and performer. By focusing on one member of the audience we can see his journey through the set and the power of live music. I won’t go into this binary too much, although I do have many thoughts about it.

Unfortunately one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, doesn’t let you embed their videos, so you’ll have to click the external link below to watch the film. I promise it’s worth it, if not for the snippets of musical delight, for the visual styling of McGinley alone.

Click Here For the Video:

Ryan McGinley’s Music Obsessions from Ryan McGinley.

Also Happy Friday the 13th! Strange days that aren’t holidays but sort of are leave something to be desired when you are abroad. Especially when you realize that it’s July 5th and yesterday was July 4th and your life is still the same and no one in Kuşadası cares; which is sort of a more extreme version of the St. Patrick’s Day you spent in the French Riviera last year with un-enthused Frenchies, soberly drinking Bailey’s on the rocks as your only homage to Ireland…


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